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Savoring the small stuff

This morning during a writing exercise, I found myself reflecting upon how frustrated I feel when I don’t have enough time for my creative projects. How painful it feels to start — only to end before I’m ready. Zooming out, I suspect that sometimes…

Eat like the French, and savor more

Check out the NPR podcast, the Hidden Brain, interviewing a social scientist who has spent his career investigating our relationship with food. https://www.npr.org/player/embed/618941407/619011338

Meal as medicine

https://newfoodeconomy.org/culinary-meal-as-medicine-mindful-eating-trauma-anxiety-disorder/ A must-read¬†article, which explores the notion that “food, and the very rituals of eating, could also have the power to heal afflictions of the mind.” Check out the following statements by¬†Jeffrey Zurofsky, the culinary director of a treatment center in California, who also…