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morning-viewThis morning while I was engaged in a short morning sit, my daughter peeked her head into the room. She was holding her bunny lovey and several other stuffed animals under one arm, and watched silently until I gestured that she could come in.

Over the remaining fifteen minutes, she sat, scooted, scampered, created a fort of meditation cushions and yoga blocks for her orange-and-black stripped Tiger, and only occasionally spoke aloud to me, quickly falling back into quiet when I put one finger to my lips. This is noteworthy for my “spirited” child who brings a loud, energetic presence into our daily lives. I suspect that something about my own intentional stillness this morning – and the fact that I’ve been slowly introducing mindfulness to her, over the years – contributed to her response.

Perhaps something in the stillness called out to her, to her own busy body, as well.  (more…)

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“But ICute Little Girl With Her Teddy Bear HD Wallpaper-1280x720-cutelittlebabies.blogspot.com want to be a kind and generous friend,” my six-year-old daughter says, sniffling from the back seat. Underneath her unruly mop of curly hair, her big brown eyes fill with tears.

“But honey, how did you feel when Tommy insisted on taking your bracelet, even though you said no?”

“Bad!” She begins to cry, clutching her scruffy bunny to her chest.

This morning, I had an opportunity – albeit a painful one – to discuss the idea of “being a good friend to ourselves” with my daughter; to suggest to her that saying “No,” and learning how to stand up for ourselves, can be part of cultivating self-compassion.

It’s a tough ride, this thing we call life, and we all can get a little banged up along the way, adults and kiddos alike. But through the practices of self-compassion, a balanced, kind approach to the experiences we encounter as part of daily existence, we can ease our suffering, respond more skillfully, and feel more connected with ourselves – and others – as a result.

For more self-compassion resources and research from several of the pioneers in the field, check out Dr. Kristin Neff’s website or the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion, which was developed by Dr. Neff and another esteemed self-compassion researcher, Dr. Christopher Germer.


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A well-made documentary on the applications of mindfulness practice with kindergarteners in a CA school, including interviews with the Mindful Schools program developers and a well-known neuroscientist. If you are interested in introducing mindfulness to your preschooler or young grade school child, there are some lovely examples.

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Mindfulness, Children, and Parenting

An article with Amy Saltzman, MD, who is a pioneer in the field of mindfulness, children, and teens: http://www.mindful.org/mindful-magazine/mindfulness-children-and-parenting

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I Love You, Nose! I Love You, Toes! by Linda Davick

A fun book for children about appreciating ALL of your body parts – and a compassionate reminder to us adults about the value of our bodies, regardless of shape or size.

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Mindfulness during the holidays

A quick read on mindfulness practice at home during this exciting and potentially stressful holiday season: http://www.mindful.org/mindfulness-practice/mindfulness-%2526-awareness/please-be-home-for-the-holidays

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Check out this sneak peak of a new book on mindful eating designed for young children – reminiscent of the infamous raisin exercise, it had my 4 year old daughter enthusiastically devouring apples with renewed interest. She’s since moved on to a near obsessive fascination with eggs, but who says food can’t be nutritious AND an entire adventure in its own right!

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