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Feeling stirred up? Emotions on fire? Perhaps you’ve found yourself turning to food, to soothe, celebrate, or cope. Stop, Drop (in) and Roll with a mini-meditation exercise, adapted from the MB-EAT program. This one-minute mindfulness exercise is useful at any time of the day, particularly before or during meals.

1: Take a few breaths, bringing awareness to the body as a whole. Can you observe the sensations associated with breathing?

2) Bringing awareness to the mind, use it to scan your body for other sensations or emotions. You might ask yourself: “What is happening, now?” Notice the state of the mind: is it busy? racing? or quiet?

3) Allow a sense of curiosity to flavor the exercise – you are gathering information, and checking in, not policing your experience. Witness “should’s” or judgmental or self-critical thoughts, as they come and go.

4) Proceed with eating, or other desired activities. Notice how it feels to do so, after pausing for this mini-meditation.

Feel free to adapt the exercise as needed. In the future, you might also try choosing one object of awareness, such as hunger cues. Emotions. The level of stress felt in the body. Remember, there is value in learning how to attend to your experience, without always trying to change or avoid it. Don’t take my word on this, however. Experiment. And observe what happens.

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