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I learned a lot during this past weekend’s free virtual mindful eating event, and I hope you did too. During future monthly events, I plan to offer only one video and related posting at a scheduled time (likely 9am on a Saturday). Short(er), sweet, and focused is the goal, beginning with a rationale, leading into a guided exercise, and inviting you to develop your own plan for implementation.

By engaging more fully and intentionally with our eating experience, and “listening” to physical sensations such as hunger or fullness, sensory information, emotions, and thoughts, we gain access to information that we can use to guide our decisions in the future…beginning with this: the very next moment. And all of the moments that follow, too.

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ll be releasing a more detailed outline by the end of the week, but here is an overview of the new-and-improved EAT curriculum that I’ll be teaching again beginning in October:

  • An introduction to mindfulness skills (and how they will help you reach your health- and weight-related goals)
  • The basic principles of mindful eating
  • Learning to achieve balance – listen to your body’s natural feedback system: mindfulness of hunger, fullness, satiety, and taste preferences
  • Learning to cope with difficulties and cravings: short & sweet lessons from a variety of self-compassion, mindfulness- and acceptance-based models

I’m working on a “traditional” track (6-8 sessions, in-person, maintenance sessions as needed) and an abbreviated version (YouTube videos or CD’s + handouts only, for individuals who have already established care with another provider or are seeking these educational materials only).

Interested? Feel free to get in touch at (503) 367-9488 or info@drmcwatters.com.

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