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thinking-person-hiYou’ve seen this before, right?  And another: “Don’t believe everything your mind tells you.” Easier said than done. Especially if your mind is telling you that you are stupid. Ugly. Bad. Yep, the yucky stuff – the kind of messages we’d like to silence or ignore.

As I make my way through “The Weight Escape” book, I’ve found it helpful to review some of the principles and exercises from the Acceptance and Commitment
Therapy (ACT) model once again. To think about ACT principles, like how we all try to control our internal experience (and how that doesn’t work); how easily we can become fused, or caught up in our thoughts; and the value of living more fully in the present moment (if we’re willing). During a training, I heard one ACT expert say that we are trying to move away from a “feel good” agenda to a “feel your feelings well” agenda.  This can be hard, right? I know when I have a painful thought or feeling, I still want to run away! (Although I’ve gotten much better at recognizing this impulse, and staying, when it is in line with my values.) (more…)

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The Weight Escape

9781611802276“This is the central theme of this book: you choose your life direction…If you decide you want to lose weight, this book will help. If your goal isn’t to lose weight, but rather to explore the world and make your life more enjoyable and meaningful, this book will help too. And if your goal is self-acceptance, whether you lose weight or not, then yes, this book will also help you with that. How can this be? Because this book is based on the ACT model, which is all about helping you live a life you care about, supporting the goals you choose to create such a life.”  (page 61, The Weight Escape: How to Stop Dieting and Start Living)

This is just a “taste” from one of the latest books I’m reviewing, to identify mindfulness- and acceptance-based resources to recommend to my clients.

I can get behind this stance – can you?


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